CNY Royal Flush Choi San Box

1 Box 2 Design in this Royal Flush Choi San Box. 

This year I have decided to curate a bloombox that comes in 2 design so that everyone get to have a fresh-look decor at home. And what's more, the arrangement consists of pussy willows, preserved, dried and artificial silk flowers to grace the CNY. With the 2 designs, you get to rotate the bloom box in between days to enjoy the different designs! This Choi San Box is going to Ong you till Chap Goh Mei, or even better can recycle for next year CNY because it is made using dried and preserved flowers!

And as a bonus, I have included a gold foil plated playing cards in it, so everyone get to stay home, stay safe and have fun playing with family members! Royal flush all the way this CNY!