Tulips Care

Roses are romantic, and tulips are elegant. Tulips bouquet is one bouquet that makes any occasion elegant. Even though Tulips look delicate, but it can actually last for 3-5 days. All they need is proper care. It's always important to unwrap the bouquet and put the flowers into a vase. This will make the flowers last longer, rather than let it rot in the bouquet. 

Some tulips care to know:

1) Unwrap the bouquet

2) At this point, the tulips stem may look a bit soft and slanting. But it's ok, because the tulips are thirsty. They just need to get hydrated. 

3) Trim the bottom of the stem about 1-2cm off. This is because the fresh part will absorb the water better. (Applicable to all the flowers)

4) Once done, put the Tulips into a vase with clean water. You will see the Tulips stem become straighten and not slanting after 4 hours onwards. Tulips love water and they drink well to stay hydrated ;)

5) Remember to change the water in the vase every day because bacteria breeds in the water. Tulips/flowers need clean water to last longer. 

6) As much as water, Tulips grow and react well with sunlight too. If you put the Tulips near to sunlight, they will grow towards the light. So remember to rotate your vase once a while, else your Tulips will grow towards 1 direction only.